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Interesting topic was brought up this week by Danny Dietrich on twitter in regards to what our local drivers are being paid to win weekly here in Central PA.
Now I tend to agree with him that ALL our local sprint car divisions deserve to be paid more to win. But the question is how do the tracks get this extra money? No matter how much money we think the tracks are making, they are not making half as much. I really doubt Williams Grove or Lincoln Speedway management is sitting in their offices while the cars race around the track looking like this... 

Even with all the fans and race teams paying to see or to race in the event, race tracks have bills just like the rest of us. They have a gas bill, food bill, heat bills, water bills, septic bills, garbage, electric bills, and the major one Insurance. Think what the race tracks pay just to turn those big ass lights they have at the track every week. The race tracks also have full time employes who get insurance  and other benefits every week. They get those weather the track races that week or not. All year long. Add all of that in and it's not as easy and cheap to run a track as some people think.

With that said some weeks the race tracks might loose a little, some weeks they might make a little, and some weeks they might just break even, and then you have that 2 or 3 races that the tracks make a killing. But it all evens out at the end of the season, so I ask you all again, where are the tracks getting the extra $$$?

How bout sponsorship? I'm sure that helps the tracks who have them. Williams Grove Speedway has Lawrence Chevrolet to sponsor the 410 point fund but how much of the point fund do they pay? The Grove has a posted point fund of $43,550 for 2015. I doubt their sponsor is paying all of that so the track has to make that through out the season as well. You can try and find more sponsors to help pay the extra money to so the drivers can make $5,000 to win every week. That's $1,500 more a week just for the winner. Can the tracks get away with just paying the winner more money, or will they have to pad the purse all they way back through the field? Just trying to find someone to pay an extra $1,500 a week, for lets say 20 races, that's someone on the hook for $30,000 a year. I don't see drivers being happy if they just pay the winner more so now lets add more to that figure. I have no idea what a normal weekly purse is every week, but with $5,000 to win you need to pay $2,500 for 2nd, $2,000 for 3rd, $1,750 for 4th, and $1,500 for 5th. Just the top 5 is an extra $12,750 a week in purse. Now add the rest of the field and your looking at close to $17,000 a week. Times that by 20 races and you will need $340,000 in purse for 1 season for 1 track. So I'm gonna ask you all again....Where do the tracks get the extra $$$$$?

How bout this option? Increase the admission for the fans to get in, and you make the race teams pay more to get into the pits. Hell make the race teams pay so much just to run their weekly. It would take 680 people at $25 a head to pay a $17,000 weekly purse. Now is that possible to have that many people in the pits every week? MAYBE, but I doubt it. But lets say you get 28 cars in the pits with 5 crew members + the driver tha'ts only 168 people through the back gate. Now I know some race teams bring more some bring less but work with me here. Lets add in the extra people like photographers and pit lizards that walk around the pits weekly. Guess what you still not even close to that magic number of 680. Now I was told more to win will bring more cars so lets say that's true and 40 cars start to show up weekly at Williams Grove. Guess what? That's still 440 people shy of breaking even for the night. 280 short to be exact. Where will that money be gotten from? THE FANS!!!

Should the race tracks really raise the admission price on family's to go to the races? Lets say you want to charge $20 to get in every week. It would only take 22 fans to get you the rest of the purse for the week, that means everything else is profit. Tha'ts great for the race tracks. Sounds like a winning formula right? Now I don't know about all of you but I watch enough Fox News to know our economy is still not doing well. So is it a great idea to raise the admission price and make families pay even more to get in every week? Just using my family as the example it would cost me $50 to take my family to see a race one night a week. If your a race fan like myself I try and go to 2 shows a week, that's $100 I have to shell out just to walk in the gates. Where am I supposed to find that kind of money EVERY week? I'm like most hard working race fans, I work a 40 hr a week job just to pay my bills and I'm damn lucky to be able to get to as many races as I do...43 last season BTW. We try and skip most of the higher paying shows because it cost so much for all of us to go. For those without children, your not getting away with just taking kids to the race track, at least I'm not that lucky because it all adds up real quick. Now instead of families going to the races for $50 a pop they can swing up the road a bit from Williams Grove and head to Haars Drive In. For $20 all 4 of us can see 2 movies. Think about that for am minute. For the price I would have to pay to see a race myself, I can take my whole family to the movies. What makes more sense? I don't know about you, but that's a hell of a deal. Take other things like Netflix which is $10 a month, a baseball game, or any of about a dozen or so things that a family can do that's cheaper the $50 to get in.

But ok there are enough race fans out there that are willing to pay that every week to take their families to a race. How many of them are willing to do it twice a week? Remember so far we've really only talked about Williams Grove Speedway on Friday nights. They are the only ballgame in town on Friday's. You go to a track on Saturdays and now the field is cut in half depending on which track, Lincoln or Port Royal Speedway the drivers prefer. Less back gate $= the need for more fans to make up that difference. As a fan where are you going to choose to spend $50 a week? At a track that gets all the cars, or the track that only gets half of them? Your gonna be paying the same to get in no matter what so...... EXACTLY!!!!

Do we see where I'm going with all of this? I think we all will agree all divisions should be paid better in Central PA, but how are they going to do it? That's not so easy to figure out. We cant ask families to pay $50 or more a night for entertainment when there are other, cheaper forms out there. The more it cost the less will show up. But hey I don't own a race track, or a sprint car team. I'm just a fan in the stand who has a big mouth and likes to use it.

1 last thing I would like to add. If fans really want to see drivers get more money then get creative. I started the 358 point series just to give a little bit back to the teams because I thought they deserved more then they where getting. Fans in Central PA have done some really cool things to get extra money to our race teams. Mike Root started the original Beer Hill Gang, Ron Judd started the National Open Chili Cook off as a way to help raise money for our drivers. The Butcher was just a fan who started sponsoring a few drivers because he thought they could use the extra money. All it takes is a little creativity and a few friends. Hell have 5 friends chip in $20 and once a month walk into the pits and pick a driver and offer to buy them a new RR tire. Trust me not a single race team would say no. They would appreciate it greatly.

With that I say THANK YOU once again for checking out my ramblings. Please let me know how you all feel about this subject. You can leave a comment in the comment section (just leave your real name chicken), you can tweet me @BillMcIntyreIII or you can hit me up by email at Just think folks the Ice Breaker 30 is only a few weeks away. Better start digging out those warm clothes soon, I have a feeling were going to need them.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Back to the Future

Hello and welcome to 2015 race fans. This week I want to touch on a subject and shed some light on something that I think needs to be looked at. But first I want to ask everyone a question. OK ready? What do these drivers all have in common?

Well I'm still waiting? Yep you are correct, they where all voted National Sprint car Hall of Fame 410 Rookies of the Year. Know what else 4 out of 5 of these drivers have in common? They are all Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade CHAMPIONS.

Pat Cannon the 2008 National 410 ROY, 2009 and 2011 Central PA 358 Point Series Champion.
Brad McClelland 2010 National 410 ROY, 2014 Central PA 358 Point Series Champion.
Logan Schuchart 2012 National 410 ROY, 2011 Central PA 358 Point Series Champion.
Austin Hogue the 2014 National 410 ROY, 2013 Central PA 358 Point Series Champion.

Add in Adam Wilt who was voted the 2009 National ROY and you have not only 4 358 Point Series Champions voted National ROY in the 410 division, but also 5 different 358 drivers who where voted to that prestigious award.

Now excuse me if you all knew this, because you must be a die hard race fan, because I have yet to hear anyone anywhere mention this fact or feat. Wonder why that is? How can a division produce 5 National ROY drivers in 7 years and not get any press about it? Even more dumbfounding to me is 2 of these drivers won the 358 Point Series Championship 1 year, and the very next year won the ROY award, yet no mention of that is ever made.

Yeah I know what your saying, Bill just stop now, we all know you do the 358 point series and your looking to make a mountain out a mole hill, and yeah to a point your correct. But let me ask you all another question. If any of these drivers where 360 champions don't you think that would make headlines the next year when they won the National ROY?   Why is it they don't say anything about being a 358 champion? Are 358's really that bad? Does 2 C.I. and a "Funny looking" wing really matter that much?

I understand that 358 sprint cars only run in Central PA which makes them an oddball in a country full of 360's and 410 sprint cars. But shouldn't they count non the less? I mean for those reading this that are not from Central PA, but follow the 410 division lets take a look at all the 410 drivers who got their start in and won in a 358 sprint car...

Pat Cannon
Chad Layton
 Brad McClelland
Blane Heimbach
Billy Dietrich
 Kevin Nouse
Cory Haas
T.J. Stutts 
Doug Esh  
Mike Bittinger 
Austin Hogue
Eric Stambaugh
Logan Schuchart
  Glenndon Forsythe
Tim Wagaman
 Danny Dietrich
 Alan Krimes
 Aaron Ott
Kyle Moody
 John Westbrook

Is that enough names for you to get the point?

What the hell  is my point you ask?

Why is it with all of this talent racing the 410 division in Central PA, why doesn't anyone talk about the 358 division? Winged Nation which is the leader when it comes to  National racing talk shows wont give the division the time of day, and when they have a driver on the show that ran the 358's or for that matter is the defending or past Champion of the 358 series they don't ask anything about it.Why? Why is it our local podcast host who writes for a local news paper wont give any of the drivers an interview unless they do something in a 410?

But hey I'm not here to go on another rant about the media bias towards the 358 division, go back and look at the title of this article.....Go ahead Ill wait AGAIN....

Yep its BACK TO THE FUTURE. Why did I call it that you ask? Its really simple, if you want to look at who the future of our sport is, especially in the 410 division for the next 10 or 15 years in Central PA, you should look no farther then the 358 division. Just as they should have been watching closely for the past 10 or more years as guys like Layton and Heimbach who both where ripping up Selinsgrove Speedway, are now both 410 Champions at Port Royal Speedway. Or some guy named Esh who won the National Open at Williams Grove and also collected the Track Championship at Lincoln Speedway. What about the 2014 Lincoln Speedway track champion? Yep Alan Krimes got his start in the same division. Dont even get me started on some kid named Danny Dietrich who is a 2 time World of Outlaws winner and track champion at Lincoln Speedway.

 This year saw Kyle Moody win the Speedweek race at Lincoln Speedway,and some in the racing media had no clue who he was,  Tim Wagaman a duel track Champion in 358's get his first win at Lincoln. Plus  guys like Robbie Kendell who picked up his 1st career 410 feature win this year, and Ryan Wilson who has been real close to getting his 1st career 410 win.

Now lets jump ahead shall we? Wanna know a secret? Wanna know who the racing media should be paying attention to right now, and should be lining up to talk to?

Chase Dietz

Who is he? Oh he's just some high school kid who went from 358 ROY to 358 Track Champion at Lincoln Speedway. Whats so special about that? Know who the last kid was to do that? Some kid named Logan Schuchart who is now running full time with the World of Outlaws.

Lets add Matt Campbell a 5 time winner in the 358 division to that list....
how bout...
Issac Sneeringer, a 7 time feature winner
Chandler Leiby , Doug Hammaker and Dwight Leppo three youngsters who picked up two wins in the division.How bout the 2014 Central PA 358 Point Series ROY Wyatt Hinkle who at just 14 years old won his 1st career feature win.

Those drivers right there are the future of 410 racing for years to come in Central PA, but you would be hard pressed to know that, since nobody outside of the fans who watch them and their family's even know they race. I think it's time for members of the racing media to start paying attention to the 358 division, that way when they start winning in a 410, they aren't so surprised and asking people" Who the hell is he and where did he come from". Remember folks to see the future all you need to do is look at the past, and almost all the great drivers right now all started in the 358 division.

Well that's it for this week. As always please feel free to let me know what your feelings are on this or any other topics I have written about, as I love to hear from all of you. Do you all agree with me, or am I just beating a dead horse with a funny leg? Leave a comment here in the comment section, but dont be a chicken and sign your real name to it. You can hit me up on twitter as my handle is @BillMcIntyreIII or you can send me an email, my address is

Until then have a great weekend, and lets all hope for no snow the next few weeks so we can all see some racing action soo.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Exclusive interview with the 2014 Williams Grove 358 track champion Kevin Nouse

Hello and welcome to my exclusive interview with the reigning and defending 2 time Williams Grove Speedway 358 track champion Kevin Nouse.I had the pleasure of talking to Kevin last week and over the course of 3 hrs we discussed his 2 incredible seasons behind the wheel of the R & R Motorsports 4r owned by Roger McKeehan, his micro sprint days, his super sportsman victories, his love for not only Port Royal Speedway and 410 racing, but how his priorities are changing with his son moving into the racing world, and how that made the decision to scale back his racing efforts in 2015 to help concentrate on his efforts, which in turn lead to his new ride for the season. So sit back and enjoy the sometimes outspoken, but always honest and refreshing interview with Mr. 100 Kevin Nouse.

CPARS - Tell the fans about the 2014 season & all the success you had. Was it a dream season?

Kevin Nouse - In 2014, we ran 27 races. We finished with 10 wins, 24 top 4 finishes, 3 DNFs and the Wiliiams Grove track championship again. It was a dream season for sure. I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, but it was what I was expecting. I told Catherine Hogue on opening night at Lincoln Speedway that I wanted to finish in the top 5 every night, and besides our DNFs, we did that.

CPARS - Did you expect to be so strong right out the gate?

Kevin Nouse - I did expect to be strong immediately because of how we ended 2013. We did alot of R&D in 2013 and hit on something that felt really good in the final few races of that season. I knew that if I could have that feel in the car on a consistent basis, we were going to be very strong.

CPARS - You joined the 4r team in 2013 did you think when you joined the team that you would be the most dominant team like you where?

Kevin Nouse - No. I knew that we could be a contender but never thought that we would be considered the dominant car.

CPARS - What was the secret to all the success?

Kevin- Honestly, the secret was the pit crew. My mechanic Tracy and my crew guys Jeff, Josh and Trent were the key. They do an amazing job every week with the car and we all work together very well. No drama, no tension, no fighting, no egos... just 100% focus on getting the job done. The 4R cars and engines are nothing special and very average. There are several cars that had better equipment than we did. But there was no one that had the crew that I did, which is why I brought them with me to my new team.

CPARS - With such an incredible 2 years what lead to you leaving the 4r team?

Kevin - Numerous things lead to my decision to leave. I guess the main reason was that my crew was all leaving and I knew it wouldn't be the same deal without them. They were all burnt out because it wasn't a fun deal to be a part of anymore. Nobody on my crew, nor I, felt appreciated for what we were doing for the owners of the car. It's not nice to say, but you can only take advantage of people for so long before they get tired of it and are ready to walk away.

CPARS - For those that haven't heard the news who will you be driving for in 2015 and what type of schedule will you be running?

Kevin - I will be driving for Jake Raudabaugh Motorsports in 2015. We plan to contend for another Wiliiams Grove Speedway 358 track championship. I will also be driving a Super Sportsman for him on a part time basis. As far as scheduling goes, we're planning to schedule around 20 races for the 358 and 10 races for the Sportsman.

CPARS - Bringing the crew along to the new team do you think you will start right back up and find victory lane right away or is there going to be a period of adjustment to go through with a new car owner?

Kevin - I'm sure that there will be an adjustment period with a new team, but bringing my pit crew along will definitely shorten that time frame. It will be my goal to win right out of the box, but that's probably not realistic. One thing for sure, everyone at JRM is more motivated than ever to win races and are working very hard to be prepared for 2015.

CPARS - The new driver of the 4r team was announced recently and Lincoln Speedway 358 track Champion Chase Dietz was hired. How much of a rivalry will there be between the two of you after the 2 championship seasons you has in that car?

First, let me say that I really like Chase and think he has a ton of talent and a bright future in this sport if he keeps his head screwed on straight.   But some of the comments I've heard and read have a fire lit under my ass.  In 2 years driving the 4R car, we ran 49 races...  14 of those races were wins, 40 were top 5's and 44 were top 10's.  Those results were not easy to achieve by any means, and I think he will find that out.  So to answer your question, yes, there will be a rivalry and it's going to be a strong one.  I wish nothing but the best for him, but I guarantee we're not going to just pull over and wave him by next season.

CPARS - You mentioned your going to be running a super sportsman again this season. Whats it like going from a sprint car to a SS? For those that might not know what are the differences between the 2 divisions?

Kevin - There are several differences between the two cars. The Sportsman doesn't have power steering like a sprint car. The Sportsman has to weigh 300 pounds more than the 358 does. The Sportsman has a carburetor and the 358 is fuel injected. The Sportsman wings are the same square footage as a 358 wing but they aren't allowed any side panel offset. That makes a big difference in how well the car turns into the corner. Overall, the Sportsman feels like a heavier car with less acceleration and traction than the 358 car. They are a handful to drive, but they are also very fun.

CPARS- Was last season the first you ever drove them?

Kevin - No. I raced a full season in the Super Sportsman division in 2002 at Silver Springs and on the Sportsman Tour. I actually won 2 races as a rookie, was named Rookie of the Year, and finished 2nd in the Sportsman Tour points that season. So I do have a little bit of experience in them, although it was a long time ago.

CPARS - You've raced EVERYTHING under the sun that has a wing on, micro sprints, sportsman, 358s and 410 sprints, do you have a preference to a certain division?

Kevin - My favorite car to drive is a 410 Sprint Car because they are just amazing pieces of machinery. The torque and horsepower is incredible and they are just so much fun to drive. But I also enjoy the 358 cars very much. The lack of downforce caused by the smaller wings mixed with their decent amount of horsepower make them a very fun car to drive when the track gets slick.

CPARS - What lead you to the 358 division after having success in the 410 division a few years ago?

Kevin -  I had been in and out of the 358 division since 2003 and always enjoyed driving those cars. There was just always opportunities there when a 410 ride wasn't available. And in recent years, I've actually turned down a few 410 rides to stay in the 358 division. Priorities change with time, and having fun at the races is important to me. It's hard to have fun in the 410s because of all of the pressure you're under. But I can still have alot of fun in the 358 cars so that's what I choose to do.

CPARS - What was your favorite track to race at and why?

Kevin - My favorite track is probably Port Royal, even though I haven't been able to race there in several years. I always went good there in every car I've ever driven. As far as the tracks that I run now, Williams Grove is my favorite. It's not easy to drive when it gets slick and that plays into my advantage some nights.

CPARS - This season you celebrated your 100th career feature win. Im not gonna ask you which race was your favorite to win...YET, I want to know which races where your favorite to win in each division you've ever raced.

Kevin - That's actually not that tough of a question to answer. In 270 Micros, it is the Kevin Gobrecht Memorial National Open at Trailways. It was the 1st memorial race for him because he had just lost his life 1 month earlier. It was a VERY emotional day as they did a tribute to him and his family was there. It was also my 1st ever win at Trailways. My favorite 600cc Micro win was winning the Tulsa Shootout in 2000 and getting a Golden Driller Trophy. My favorite 410 win was my 1st career win at Williams Grove in 2007. Oddly enough, I don't have a favorite 358 or Sportsman win.

CPARS - You've cut back your schedule to help get your son's racing career started, how much longer do you see yourself racing before you finally retire to help your son completely?

Kevin - I'm not sure really. I guess if he enjoys driving a race car and I'm able to afford it for him, it will slowly happen over time. I don't have a time frame set yet. When it's time, I'm sure I will know. But I'm in no rush.

CPARS - How much more stressful is watching your son race then it is racing yourself?

Kevin-  It's weird. It's not what I would call stressful, but there is a level of concern that I've never felt before. I can tell you that I went over his car again and again before he raced just to be sure everything was right and safe for him. That's my biggest fear probably... him getting hurt. Especially if there was something that I could have done to prevent it. I honestly don't care how he runs at this point. As long as he's safe and having fun. That's what this is supposed to be all about, right? It's amazing how many people forget that over the years.

CPARS- Lets talk a little bit about your real job. Your the owner of Nouse Sign& graphics as well as the official dealer of K1 race gear. How is that going?

Kevin- Lets talk a little bit about your real job. Your the owner of Nouse Sign& graphics as well as the official dealer of K1 race gear. How is that going?

CPARS - You have stepped up this year to help the 358 division and have sponsored a 4 race series between Williams Grove and Lincoln Spreedway. How did that come about and tell the fans a little bit about it.

Kevin - I care alot about the 358 division and want to see it rebound. I approached Williams Grove last season about maybe sponsoring a race or two at the end of the season, but nothing was able to be put together. So when this series was put together, they offered the title sponsorship opportunity to me and I took it. I am proud to be the title sponsor and I enjoy helping the 358's out. We are working on making this a BIG series for the division. and hopefully will announce many new things about it soon.

Lightning Round....

Favorite sport other then racing?
Kevin - NFL Football

Favorite team?
Kevin - Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite music?
Kevin - At work, country. On raceday, Hard rock

Favorite band?
Kevin - Country - Eric Church Rock - Tool, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch.

Favorite tv show?
Kevin - A Football Life on NFL Network.

Favorite movie?
Kevin - Oceans 11

CPARS - If you could have a conversation with 2 people, 1 alive and 1 dead who would they be and what would you talk about?
Kevin - Not sure about someone that's alive, but I would love to have a conversation with my Grandma & Grandpa Howard again. They both died several years ago and I miss them both tremendously. I'd love for them to meet my children and get to spend some time with them.

Final question. ...Seeing how your a huge steelers fan like myself, make a prediction on how far they will go this season?

Kevin - I hope I'm wrong, but if they make the playoffs I think they will lose in the 1st round because they don't play consistently. But I hope I'm wrong. LOL

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Preditions ....A Look Back at How bad 1 man can make himself look.

Hello and welcome once again to Central PA Racing Scene. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Today I want to take a look back at my predictions I made back before the beginning of the 2014 racing season. While I dont think I did to bad with my bold and some not so bold predictions, it should be fun to take a look and see just how big of a fool I made myself look.

Lets start off with Williams Grove Speedway.

I predicted Donny Krietz Jr. to win the 2014 track championship. My reasoning was while I thought the 27 team with driver Greg Hodnett was the top team in the area, I figured with Greg being the full time paid driver they would miss to may races going for big money around the country. I was right in that regard, as the 27 team did travel, what I couldn't count on was the luck the team would have with rain outs at the speedway. Greg would win the 2014 track championship but not by much over my prediction Krietz. It was close most of the season, so I would say I did pretty good at almost getting that one right.

In the 358 division I guessed right. Kevin Nouse would back up his 2013 Track Championship and more less walk away with his 2nd consecutive track Championship at the historic track.

At Lincoln Speedway I was darn close once again. I predicted "The Edge" Brian Montieth to claim his 5th track championship and at 1 time it was looking really good for the popular driver, but bad luck and just an all round bad season by the teams standards saw them scratch and claw all season to only end up 2nd in points falling 240 points back of Alan Krimes in his bid. Krimes who won twice early in the season and would be a model of consistency the rest of the season.

In the 358 division I predicted Jeff Rohrbagh to claim the championship but I also said it would come down to him and the eventful track Champion Chase Dietz. I'm going to have to take 1/2 credit for calling that one even if I'm stretching to claim victory.

At Port Royal I picked Blane Heimbach to go back to back at the Speed Palace and damn it I just missed out on that 1 as well.  Blane would end up 3rd to the two drivers I said would make a challenge for the championship Mike Erdley and eventful track Champion Ric Lafferty. Man I just cant catch a break in my 410 predictions.

At Trail Way Speedway I hit the mark right on the dot as I predicted Big Brad McClelland to walk away with the 2014 track Championship.

At Selinsgrove Speedway I was not even close. I predicted Pat Cannon and Pat didnt even make it to the half way point in the season before making the jump to the 410 division and running at Port Royal Speedway. Mark Smith would go on to win not only the most races but also the track championship at the fastest half mile on the east coast.

So how bad did I actually do? Not so bad if you will give me partial credit for most of my picks. I hit all the 358 drivers ruight on the money and except for Port Royal where my guy finished a close 3rd, all my 410 picks finished 2nd to the track champions. I would say I did ok, but I promise next year I'm hitting a home run and getting them all correct..... Yeah right.

With that I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year, Im hoping to have my 2014 season in review posted sometime in the near feature. I'll be taking another NOT so serious look at the racing season through the eyes of Lynn Shaffer and his awesome Thunder in the PA Mountains 2014 season review. Until then you can hit me up on twitter @BillMcIntyreIII or leave a comment here in the comment section.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Exclusive Q&A with 358 Rookie CJ Quirk

Today Central Pa Racing Scene is happy to share with you all an exclusive Q&A with up and coming 358 driver CJ Quirk. CJ jumped into the 358 sprint car division in 2014 and will be running for the 2015 rookie of the year in the Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade as well as at both Williams Grove Speedway. Quirk while being young already has over 100 wins in his career which has ranged from Go Carts, to Lengends, so it will be only a matter of time before this kid will be standing in victory lane at our local short tracks.

Central PA Racing Scene - How did you get your start in racing?
CJ Quirk - My dad and I always went to sprint car races when I was a kid. I wanted to race something and I didn't care what it was. So when I was 7 we went to the silver spring flea market in 2005 and he bought my first go kart.

Central PA Racing Scene - You've had a very accomplished career in go carts. How fast did success come to you?
CJ Quirk - Not as fast as I wanted it too. I only won 2 races in my first year out. But my second year I won 23 races and won 2 track championships, one at Hunterstown and the other at Shippensburg

Central PA Racing Scene - Did you & your father have any help getting started or was it a case of learning as you went along?
CJ Quirk - Shawn Lyter from Als kart supply helped us and so did James Kirby from Kirby speed secrets. I'm sure there was more but it was so long ago and I was so young that it's hard to remember. Haha

Central PA Racing Scene - How long did you race carts & how much success did you ultimately have?
CJ Quirk - I raced karts up until 2013 but I raced on and off in 2014 along with the legend car and sprint car. In karts I have a total of 126 feature wins, many pole awards that I will have to get a number for you later, four track championships, 4 PA state championships, 2 runner up Pa state championships, and won the Daytona dirt world championships

Central PA Racing Scene - Wow!!! When running& winning state championships where you racing against drivers your age or where there drivers older then you?
CJ Quirk - The state championships came with drivers that were my age or close to it within 2 or 3 years. But for the Daytona dirt world championships I had just turned 15 and moved up to the senior classes permanently and won against drivers older than me.

Central PA Racing Scene - So at 15 your winning one of the biggest cart races in the country?
CJ Quirk - Yes sir. It was a huge confidence booster for me. I was coming off an eventful year with a team change and chassis change. I also won a state championship that year in the Jr class, so it was one of my prime seasons.

Central PA Racing Scene - So after all that success you made the jump to the legends division. How did you decide that was the next logical step for your career?
CJ Quirk - Kart racing was becoming very expensive for us and we looked to move up to try and save some money. Sounds backwards but that was our intentions. The legends division seemed like a division with low expenses but still compete at a competitive level. We were hoping to get out in front of new people and see if we could get any new opportunities.

 Central PA Racing Scene -So how did it go?
CJ Quirk - We ran great. It was a series rule that you had to start in the back the first three races. In our third race at Susky I started in the back and finished sixth. Then our next race at trail ways I started 15th and made a mistake going for second taking out a heavy hitter in the series. I crossed the line 2nd but they penalized me five spots giving me seventh. Then my sixth race I got my first legend win.

Central PA Racing Scene - How long did you race in the division and how much success did you end up having?
CJ Quirk -  I ran about a total of 9 races I think. We ran into some mechanical problems and had to get them fixed so we were out for awhile. That's when we bought the the sprint car.

Central PA Racing Scene - You mentioned at the beginning that you & your father went to the races together. Where did you go & who where your favorites?
CJ Quirk - We went to mostly Williams Grove I would have to say some of my favorites were Dewease then later Lucas Wolfe.

 Central PA Racing Scene -You made your debut this season in the 358 division. How hard was it to go from legends to the open wheel 358?
CJ Quirk - Not hard at all, it was a no brainer for me. Haha

Central PA Racing Scene - Really?
CJ Quirk - Yeah, the legends just didn't fit my style of racing.

Central PA Racing Scene - Why's that?
CJ Quirk - I was racing too aggressive which they did not like at all. Even though I didn't think it was that aggressive at all. Plus I just got bored on trying to figure out what to do with the car to make it faster since the rules were so tight in what you can and can't do. I had a lot of fun times with some of the other racers but it just wasn't for me. It was very hard for me to move out of karts into the legend though.

 Central PA Racing Scene -Was that because you had so much success in carts or something else?
CJ Quirk - I just enjoyed everything about karts. I loved the way they drove, the competition level was extremely high, the kart racing society was great to be around. I can't really but my finger on why I like karts so much. It's kind of like how Kasey Kahne owns a sprint car team. He is up in NASCAR but he still wants to be apart of sprint cars. That's the closest thing I can relate to why I like kart racing.

Central PA Racing Scene - Going back to the 358s, what kind of expectations did you guys have starting out this summer?
CJ Quirk - I just wanted to finish in the top 10 every time we went out and if we could do that then it would have been a successful handful of races to me. My dad just wanted me to keep it in one piece and it would be a successful handful of races to him. I managed to keep it in one piece but only had two top tens. So I know we have some work to do over the winter.

 Central PA Racing Scene -With 2015 being your first full season in the 358s and the success you've had what kind of expectations do you have compared to what your father has.
CJ Quirk - My expectations are to get a few wins and I think that's what he wants too. With the changes we are making in our program I think it is very likely that we have a chance at getting some wins next year. I learned a lot last year and so did my crew. We can only grow from here.

 Central PA Racing Scene -What are your plans for 2015?
CJ Quirk - We plan to run Williams grove and Lincoln as of now. With Williams grove's small schedule with the 358s, we may have a few appearances at trail ways as well

Central PA Racing Scene -Central PA Racing Scene - Who all helps you as far as sponsors on your car?
CJ Quirk - Right now all the sponsors I have is Christine Kennedy with Jack Gaughen Hower and associates. My dad pays for everything else, Kevin Quirk race wear and Kevin Quirk creative graphics. My crew has bought some miscellaneous stuff for me. My uncle John Quirk, Brian Hamilton, Dave Hess, Rick Schaffer, and Bob Bupp. Todd Berkheimer and Danny Rhome have helped us along with Paul White jr as well

Ok lighting round....
Central PA Racing Scene -Favorite sport other then racing
CJ Quirk - Soccer

Central PA Racing Scene - Favorite team
CJ Quirk -Manchester City

 Central PA Racing Scene -Favorite music
 CJ Quirk -Hip hop, rap

Central PA Racing Scene - Favorite artists
CJ Quirk - Drake, some lincoln park and rise against

Central PA Racing Scene - Favorite tv show
CJ Quirk - The Simpsons

Central PA Racing Scene - Favorite movie
CJ Quirk - Rush or days of thunder

Central PA Racing Scene - Favorite race you've ever won
CJ Quirk - Daytona world championships

Central PA Racing Scene - Favorite driver to race against & why
 CJ Quirk -Ryan Montgomery and Spencer Davis were my favorite racers to run against. Haven't ran against them in years though. They were always fast and would run you hard but never dirty.

Central PA Racing Scene - Anything else you would like to say to the race fans?
CJ Quirk - Thanks to everyone that has supported me!

Thank you to CJ Quirk for taking the time to chat with us. This kid will be one to watch in the up coming 2015 racing season because if history has shown with CJ it will not be long till he is standing in Victory Lane at either Williams Grove or Lincoln Speedway. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Q&A with Lincoln Speedway 410 Rookie of the Year Austin Hogue

This week I had the pleasure of talking with the 2014 Lincoln Speedway 410 Rookie of the Year Austin Hogue. We talked about his racing career which started on asphalt, and moved to a very successful 3 seasons in the 358 division, where in 2013 he was crowned the Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade Champion. This season he jumped to the 410 division and won a race at Lincoln as well as had a few 2nd place finishes along the way. Here you can read what Austin though was his best victory ever (Your going to be surprised on this one) and how his family decided to go from asphalt to of all tracks Trail Way Speedway.

Central PA Racing Scene - How did you get your start in racing?

Austin Hogue - I got my start racing watching a relative of mine and now 305 driver Andrew Hake, race go-carts at Hunterstown speedway. My dad asked me if we wanted to give it a try, I said yes and the rest is history.

CPARS - How long did you race go Carts and how did youand your family make the decision to jump from them to the Allison Legacy division?

Austin -We raced go carts from 1999-2005 so 6 years, we decided to make the move after a few successful seasons in go-karts, we wanted to make a change to something new and the Allison Legacy looked like a fun challenge and a good place to learn how to drive asphalt cars.

CPARS - . What was it like racing asphalt down south?
Austin - I loved racing the Allison Legacy Series which were a ¾ scale stock car that toured around the south on a variety of old asphalt ovals and roudcourses. They were an extremely difficult car to drive fast and very difficult to win a race in. We were fortunate to be able to meet and race with a lot of great people and drivers, and learn a lot of things that have helped me even in the sprint cars.

CPARS - How much success did you have in the series?
Austin -Our first two years we went totally win less and struggled to learn the way to set up and drive. Towards the end of the second season we started making some progress. In our 3rd season we picked up our first win at the 3rd race of the season and after that we ended up with 8 wins and 10 poles out of the 22 races.

CPARS -  Why make the switch from asphalt to dirt sprint cars?
Austin - We made the switch to dirt after we took 2 years off from racing. We were totally burnt out from 3 years of traveling south each and every week. But after two years of spectating we had to try something new, and with my cousin Tim Berkheimer running 358’s at the time we decide to give it a try.

CPARS - Why Trail Way?
Austin - My dad decided that we were going to run Trail Way because he wanted me to be able to drive in traffic and feel comfortable in tight situations. I’m really glad that we made that decision because after running with 24 cars at Trail Way every other track feels like there is so much time to think. It was a great time and it definitely taught me a lot of things you just don’t get to experience at the bigger tracks.

CPARS -  How much different are the two worlds?
Austin - From a drivers perspective they are totally different. Both are very difficult but in different ways. Spint cars with wings are actually a very forgiving racecar in the way that you can get very outta shape and not spin out. They are very overpowered and have a lot of downforce with big wide tires. So all in all to get around the track with decent speed is not horribly difficult. With that said, by no means are sprint cars easy. They demand you to try different things to get around other cars, the dirty air is horrendous and forces you find different lines to make things happen. I love the ability to move around and try things on dirt that is just not possible on asphalt. Asphalt taught me how to run consistent laps and squeak out every little bit speed out of the car by using every inch of the track to your advantage. I appreciate the downforce and grip in a sprint car because you never had that on asphalt; if you went past the limit on asphalt it was very unforgiving.

CPARS- How hard was it to learn to drive sprint cars?
Austin - It was very difficult, I can remember my first race at Trail Way lining up 24th and thinking what did I get myself into. I couldn’t see a dang thing with all the mud in my face, I ran over the infield so many times it was ridiculous, the steering wheel slipped outta my hands and I about took out half the field. Once I finally got a lap to myself and a second to breath, a friggin red 45 car goes blasting in underneath me and McClelland whips around to the outside, Im like get me off this racetrack. The beginning weeks were definitely not pretty.

CPARS - You say the where not pretty yet you won your third time out in a 358 at Trail Way. What was going through your head as you raced under the checker flag that night?
Austin -All I could think was please no lapped traffic. I felt somewhat in control while I was out by myself in the lead but when I would run up on traffic I had no clue what to do. I was totally shocked coming out of turn 4 because I thought there was no way we picked up a win that early in the season. But it was a good confidence booster for us as a team.

CPARS -  Who helped you out the most starting out?

Austin - Hmmm…. Nobody, it’s the same guys we raced with in the Allison Legacy Series. I won’t lie, our team has a trust issue and likes to learn things by ourselves the hard way. Allan Crisamore is my crew chief and he is a genius, without him I don’t know what we would do. It’s a tough thing learning by yourself but nobody can take away the things you learned when you take the time to learn them yourself.

CPARS - Explain to everyone what the 2013 racing season felt like?

Austin - The 2013 season was a season where everything just clicked. Never did I ever expect to have the amount of success that we had in 2013, but I did know that once we found what we were looking for we were going to be a very difficult team to beat. I knew what I wanted out of the car and Allan was able to give us good cars all year. 

CPARS - You won at 2 different tracks on opening night and the tracks couldn't be farther apart. What was it like to win at both Williams Grove and Trail Way to start the season?

Austin - It was pretty awesome picking up both opening days, winning at Trail Way is just as exciting to me as my win at the grove they are both difficult to make it happen, it was great because it gave me the confidence I needed running the bigger tracks that I don’t have a ton of experience at.

CPARS - Central PA 358 Point Series Champion in your third season. Really?

Austin - Hahah yea, I was as shocked as anyone else, I knew we were capable but never thought it would come that fast. 

CPARS - You lead the point searies from April 20th to the end of the season. How much where you looking at the standings and letting it effect you if any, or was it just a case of 1 race at a time and let the points fall where they may?
Austin -I would be lying if I said that I paid no attention to it, but I tried not to as much as possible. I tried to just take it race by race, and I think I did well at not letting it get to me until the last couple races. All I wanted was to get enough of a lead that I could totally disregard the points and just race. I am a driver that has the tendency to stay a little conservative when points are on the line, just to get a solid points finish. So its nice to get a big lead and be able to get up on the wheel and not worry about points.

CPARS - You jumped into 410s this season. Why make the jump after such a successful season or was that planned?

Austin - I would love to say that it was planned and that it was because we won championship, but it was mostly a funding thing. It was nice to be able to leave the 358’s on a high note. But you never know how long the funding will last in this sport so we will ride the wave while it lasts.

CPARS -  Did you think you would stand in Victory Lane so fast?

Austin - No not at all, I figured Lincoln was our best chance and luckily we got one fairly early in the season. It really helps your confidence knowing you can compete with these guys. But mostly my goal for this season was to make laps, get experience and get a feel for the car. So getting a win was icing on the cake.

CPARS - How much different is your driving style in a 410 compared to the 358?

Austin - I don’t feel I have changed my driving style to terribly much. I have been forced to move around and use the cushion more than I did in 358’s, and the 410’s also make you drive a little more aggressive just to complete passes and move forward. But other than that they are very similar cars.

CPARS -You have an interesting hobby, you fly airplanes. Tell everyone what its like to go from racing a 410 sprint car to jumping in an airplane and fly around the area?

Austin - Haha I wish I could fly, I do have a few hours of flying time, but my brother is the pilot. I just tag along in the co-pilots seat and take pictures of racetracks. To be totally honest, flying kinda freaks me out a little bit.

15. Lightning round....
Favorite sport other then racing?
Austin - Ummm…. Nothing stick and ball, but I do like snowboarding
Favorite sports team?
Austin - None
Favorite music?
Austin - Country
Favorite band?
Austin - Zac Brown
Favorite TV show and why?
Austin - Big Bang, Sheldon Cooper is hilarious, and Penny ain’t to bad either.

Favorite movie and why?
Austin - Joe Dirt, I think I can recite every line because I think it was the only movie in our camper on the way to the races down south. I have seen it over 50 times.

Favorite race you have ever won in your career?
Austin - South Boston Speedway, Allison Legacy race, Hardest 50 laps I ever ran without crashing at a really awesome racetrack.

CPARS - Why does that race stand out more then others?
Austin -My win at South Boston stood out to me because I had a lot of my family down to watch and South Boston is such a historic old racetrack. During the race I had to work so hard to stay in the lead. I was more out of control for those 50 laps than any race I can remember. I was being dogged by a kid named Cody Smith. We raced hard the whole race and he was probably faster but we were able to keep him behind and take the win.

Favorite 358 driver to race wheel to wheel with?
Austin - Pat Cannon, even though the wheel to wheel never really happened, he was the one to beat.

Favorite 410 driver to race wheel to wheel with?
Austin - Brian Montieth, he races hard and clean, nobody better at moving through the field at Lincoln.

Name 2 famous people you would like to have dinner with, 1 living and 1 dead, and tell us what you would ask them?
Austin - Carrie Underwood, I’d ask her to marry me. As far as a dead guy, I’m just not sure.

Last question...

Your family runs BAPS Paint Supply yet your first season in the 358 division you had this just plain ugly green sprint car. What was your family thinking with that paint job? LOL

Austin - Hahha That was pretty much the most hideous thing ever. It was some deal we were trying to promote a new style of paint that the body shops have to use. But I don’t think we helped out our cause. lol 

I want to thank Austin for taking the time to sit down and chat with me this week. Austin and his family are some of the nicest people you would ever meet in the pit area. With drivers like Austin racing in Central PA the feature of 410 racing in Central PA looks very bright for years to come. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Central PA Racing Scene exclusive Q&A with Lincoln Speedway 358 Track Champion Chase Dietz

Today I would like to share with you my exclusive 1 on 1 conversation with one of the rising young stars here in Central PA sprint car country the new driver of the R & R Motorsports 4r and 2014 Lincoln Speedway 358 track champion Chase Dietz. I sat down with Chase and asked him about his start in the 358 division, his great 2014 campaign which saw him win 4 times on his way to his first track championship at Lincoln aboard his family owned 2d, his relationship with his cousin 410 driver Cory Haas, and his expectations and planse for 2015 aboard the 4r.

CPARC - In 2012 you started in the 358 division and not only won the Central PA 358 Point Series Most Popular Driver but also the ROY, then you followed that up this past season by winning the Lincoln Speedway Championship. Did you ever think you would accomplish all of this in your 1st 2 years in the division? 

                      Chase with his 2013 Central PA 358 Point Series Most Popular Driver Award

Chase -  I never would've thought I'd accomplish the things I've done the past two years. To be able to put my name in the record books with guys like my uncle Cory, Jeff Rohrbaugh, Niki, Nouse, and all of the local 410 guys who started out in the 358s makes me realize how amazing it is to have done these things. I definitely had high expectations/goals for myself when I started in 2013, but all drivers have to have those expectations/goals to keep them determined. In my Rookie year, I definitely expected to win at least one race at Lincoln just because I knew I could do it. The thing with me though is that I want to do everything differently than everyone else. In 2013, the tracks got back to the way the should always be with no rubber down racing all the time. Well in those previous years, everybody got their first career wins from the pole position. When I won my first race I passed Rohrbaugh and another racer in the same corner. The fact that that was the way I got my first win made it special to me. We ended up having a great year then at Lincoln and closed out the season with that win at WG where even though I wasn't happy I started on the pole and won, it was still special because I had to hold off one of the best (Nouse) on a one lap shootout. Then 2014 just explained itself. It was just too amazing.


CPARC- You come from a strong family background in racing. You father Tim raced sprint cars for years and your cousin is Cory Haas. How has that helped your learning curve as far as your development? 
Chase - Having both my dad and uncle Cory have really helped me progress quickly as a driver, worker, and crew chief at times. Both of them have a bunch of experience as a driver so they know exactly what I need to do and can tell me things to help me. With Cory having so many championships and wins under his belt in the 358, he knows how to drive them, how the cars handle, and what to do. My dad never ran a 358, but ran a 410. Both cars act different, but my dad still helps just as much by telling me what I should do as well. I've also learned how to set up and work on the cars from each of them as well which a huge factor in becoming a great racer. Those two have also led me to meeting many drivers and formers drivers who I can go to for advice as well.

                          Cory Haas cousin of Chase Dietz in his familiar 11c at Lincoln Speedway
CPARC -  Has living up to the expectations of both of them hurt you in any way? 
Chase -  I haven't ever felt any pressure when racing when it comes to trying to them. I just do my own thing and keep on learning and trying to accomplish my goals in order to reach my dream.

CPARC - Your 1st two times in a 358 where less then fun. You ran 1 lap at Trail Way and blew an engine, then had wing issues at Susquehanna Speedway. How frustrating for you was it to have so many things go wrong when your just starting out? 
Chase - To be honest, I saw those experiences as signs. I think someone thought it just wasn't that time yet for me to really start. I was just excited to be able to get in a sprint car at that point anyway so I didn't have any expectations at that time.

CPARC -  In your rookie season you won twice, once at Lincoln and once at Williams Grove. Explain how that must have felt to enjoy that much success right off the bat? 

                                   Chase celebrating his 1st career win at Williams Grove Speedway

Chase - As I had said before, those wins meant a lot to me just from the way I accomplished them. To pass a guy like Jeff Rohrbaugh for my first feature win and then hold him off multiple times is still unbelievable to me. Then at the Grove it was only my 3rd race there and I got to hold off a charging Nouse who had won many races there that year and the championship. That night my uncle Cory hadn't been racing and was able to be there all night for me as well which was awesome too. Just the way everything played out in those races made it special.

CPARC -   This year you backed up your strong rookie season by winning 4 races, 1 at Trail Way in the 31 Bat Car in your very first start at the track in a 358, and 3 at Lincoln with two of them back to back. What clicked mid season to make you such a strong team? 
                           Chase celebrating in his 1st career 358 victory at Trail Way Speedway

Chase - From the beginning of the year I thought we were definitely a contender each race we ran. We came out opening day and were god awful in the heat and I wasn't happy. I put that behind me for the feature and I raced for the lead with Young the first half of the race before I jumped the cushion and fell to 5th. That race set the tone for the rest of the year because I knew we were good. The following race I led the entire race till Nouse got me on the last lap when I messed up again in lapped traffic. I think at the beginning of the year I was really confident that I could win, but I tried too hard which showed when I made mistakes. I ended up getting that first win in the middle of the season during that make-up race and then it felt like weight was lifted off my shoulders just because I put too much pressure on myself. From then on we were a top 5 car each week, but seemed to struggle come feature time. Towards the end of the year, after our last week off, I had gotten some rest on vacation and got my mind cleared. I figured a few things out that I had been doing as a driver that made us seem mediocre in features. Well, we came back from vacation and ended up pulling off a win. The following week we came back for the championship race and won again on the final lap. The week after that I spun out and came from the back to finish 3rd and then ended the year at Lincoln with a 16th to 5th. That last stretch of racing showed how tough we were as a team because we figured everything out that we needed and showed we were the best out there. ending the season on that note put an exclamation point on the season.
                                       Chase in Victory Lane at Lincoln Speedway July 26th
CPARC - This week it was announced that you where the new driver of the 4r 358 sprinter, A team that not only has won 14 races the past two seasons, but has won back to back championships at Williams Grove Speedway with Kevin Nouse as their driver. How much pressure is there to you to keep that momentum up if there is any? 
Chase - I feel no pressure at all. There are some big shoes to fill, but I feel like the team and I can definitely achieve the same goals, if not exceed those goals. There is a lot of hard work to do and I think it'll all show right from the start of the season. The main goal for the entire team is to just have fun and enjoy the opportunity.

CPARC -  Do you have any plans to jump back in your family owned car and run any 410 races in 2015? 
Chase - Actually, our plans are to run the 410 in the 2D at Lincoln and possibly Susquehanna whenever we are not running the 4R. There will be a lot of racing in store for next season.

CPARC -  How much fun was driving the 410 for you at the end of the season this year? 
Chase - Running the 410 was a dream of mine and I had a blast. The main reason I wanted to run the 410 was to be able to learn. I gave up the opportunity to expand on the great 358 year at Lincoln as well as racing at Williams Grove in order to get more experience in the 410. I decided I wanted to be able to learn what I'm planning on driving in the future, I wanted to experience how hard I need to drive in order to compete with the best, I knew that by getting comfortable in the 410 it would help slow down things in the 358 that would allow me to make better/quicker decisions, and I just wanted to find out what it really takes to get to my goal. I'll say that I learned an enormous amount of skills in a short amount of time and I know these skills will definitely show in the 358.

                              Chase in his 410 at Lincoln Speedway during the Dirt Classic
CPARC -  Can I get you to make a prediction on how your going to do in 2015? 
Chase - I can't really say what I expect to do just because that's how I am, but I do want to go after both track championships at Lincoln and WG. That all will depend on if we are able to race all of the races based on sponsorship though.

CPARC - Now lets try and see what Chase is like away from the race track....

 1. Favorite sport other then racing? 
Chase - Football 

 2. Favorite sport team?
Chase - Colts

 3. Favorite music / Band? 
 Chase - Country

 4.Favorite TV Show 
 Chase - Castle

 5.Favorite all time movie? 
 Chase - Rush

 6. Favorite race you have ever won in your carrer?
Chase - B - Main in my 410

 7.Favorite 358 driver to race against? 
Chase - Jeff Rohrbaugh

 8. If you could have dinner with 2 famous people 1 alive and 1 dead who would they be and what would you talk to them about?
Chase - I'd want to talk to Donny Schatz and my grandpa. I'd like to talk to Schatz because he is my favorite driver and who wouldn't take advantage of talking to a guy with so much knowledge of racing? I'd like to talk to my grandpa (father's dad) to see if he has been watching me all of these years and to see how proud he is of the accomplishments my dad and I have achieved together. I wish he could've been there all of these years with us.
Chase and his family in Victory Lane at Williams Grove Speedway. 

CPARC - Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
Chase - Yes, I want to tell them that I appreciate everything they do for me as well as the entire sport. If it wasn't for the fans, sponsors, and my family I wouldn't be where I am today.

Major Thanks to Chase for taking the time to sit down and answer my questions today. If you would like to get in touch with Chase you can follow him on twitter at @ChaseDietz89 or his motorsports team @Dietz2d.

Good luck to Chase in 2015 and Thank you fans for taking the time to check out this exclusive sit down with one of the drivers leading the charge to take sprint car racing in Central PA into the future.