Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chase Dietz to run Roger McKeehan R&R 4r in 2015

                             Chase Dietz in his family owned 2d at Lincoln Speedway in 2014.
Roger McKeehan of R & R Motorsports has hired Chase Dietz, 2014 Lincoln Speedway 358 Sprint Car Champion, to pilot the #4R  in 2015.
R & R Motorsports has been a partner with Chase Dietz Racing since 2013, which was Chase’s rookie season. Chase is excited about this partnership and the opportunity to bring his championship crew along with him. 2014 was an amazing year for both R & R Motorsports and Chase Dietz Racing and we know that 2015 will see continued success and the partnership is destined to do very great things.
               The car Chase will be driving in 2015. Pictured is 2014 driver Kevin Nouse 

The team will release their full racing schedule as well as their sponsors in early 2015. But, the early onlook shows that the team will race at Williams Grove, Lincoln and Susquehanna Speedway. Stay tuned for all the news and follow the race team’s action on facebook and twitter as well!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Central PA Racing Scene Best of 2014

Well folks its that time of the season. For the past 2 weeks I had you the fans vote on who you all thought where the best of the 2014 racing season. Today I'm going to share with you my picks for the best of 2014 in the 358, 360, 410 racing divisions as well as the best event and best race track in Central PA.

358 Rookie of the Year - Tyler Esh!!!
Tyler was hands down the tops of the 2014 358 rookies until he was hurt in a crash at Lincoln Speedway in July. Tyler had such a big lead in the Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade Rookie of the Year Standings it took eventual winner Wyatt Hinkle till the last race of the season at Lincoln to beat him. When Tyler fully recovers and gets back behind the wheel of the 35 sprinter it shouldn't take him long to find victory lane in 2015.

410 Rookie of the Year - Austin Hogue

Austin Hogue was the tops of a banner crop of Rookies in 2014. Austin had 1 win at Lincoln Speedway but also scored a close 2nd place finish in the last race of the season. Add in a 2nd place finish at Williams Grove Speedway and just edged out the fans ROY Logan Wagner.

358 driver of the Year - Kevin Nouse
Kevin had his best season ever behind the wheel of the 4r machine. 10 wins spaced out over 3 race tracks...Lincoln, Williams Grove, Susquehanna Speedway's as well as becoming a two time track track champion at Williams Grove Speedway with his back to back Championships at the historic half mile.

360 Driver of the Year - Mark Smith
Mark was the first ever 360 track champion at Selinsgrove Speedway in 2014. Smith would find victory lane a total of 6 times in 2014 at the fastest half mile on the east coast.

410 driver of the Year - Stevie Smith
Stevie Smith bounced back in a huge way in 2015. Teaming with legendary driver Fred Rahmer Stevie would find victory lane 7 times this year while running a partial schedule. Stevie was on point when it counted winning 2 WOO races as well as the 1st ever Dirt Classic at Lincoln Speedway and almost winning the 2014 Williams Grove National Open before being taken out by the eventual winner. If Stevie would have run the entire season just imagine how many wins the 51s team might have racked up.

2014 Best Event - The Party at the Path , Path Valley Speedway Path Valley Speedweek June 29th
Standings room only crowds, packed pit area, and host Steve Prost from the MRN Radio Show Winged Nation help make the 1st ever Party at the Path the best event in 2014. Fred Rahmer knew what would draw the fans to the little bullring and that was a quality field. How did he get the quality field? By paying big money just about every time a tire hit the race track. The event was a home run for fans as well as the drivers. Heres to many more races like this for years to come.

2014 Central PA BEST TRACK-Port Royal Speedway

No track in Central PA has done a major 180 in the fans eyes as well as the competitors like Port Royal Speedway has the past few years. This year the Fairgrounds Half Mile played host to the ASCoC as well as the World of Outlaws for the first time in years. The track also hosted the biggest crowed I have ever stood in to watch a race when they hosted the 5 feature event on June 14th which was free for all the fans to come and enjoy. The new grandstands offer a great view on the half mile as does the infield which was made better by many of the improvements to the track over the winter. The addition of the new start up lane was a great addition for the race teams and helps keep the show moving along nicely. The thing though that puts the track above every other track in Central PA? The food!!!! If you have never taken in the Tuscarora 50 during Fair week you need to make plans n going next year. The food is hands down, bar non the best in the area. Everything you could ever want to eat and then some is there to help put a strain on your belt loops.

With that I want to say Congratulations to all the drivers who I selected this season as well as the drivers who where voted on by the fans in each category. This season was a great year to take in the races no matter which race track you go to and I for one hope to make it back to as many if not more different tracks in 2015.

Let me know what you all think of my selections for the best of 2014. Hit me up on here by leaving your name and a comment in the comment section, hit me up on twitter at @BillMcIntyreIII or even send me an email at

Until then we still have 1 race left in 2014, so I will see all of you at Susquehanna Speedway in 2 weeks.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The 2014 Readers Choice for the BEST TRACK in Central PA IS.....

Congratulations to Lincoln Speedway for being voted the best race track in Central Pa.

Now that YOU the fans have shared your thoughts on who and what where the best of 2014 I will share my thoughts next week on these exact subjects. Until then I hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The 2014 Readers Choice....BEST TRACK in Central PA.

Ok folks this is it, which race track in Central PA do you think is hands down the best. Which race track has the best racing action week in and week out? Which race track has the best food? Which track treats their customers the best?

Your nominees for the 2014 Readers Choice BEST TRACK in Central PA are....

Port Royal Speedway
Williams Grove Speedway
Lincoln Speedway
Selinsgrove Speedway
Trail Way Speedway
Susquehanna Speedway

The choice is up to you. Which race track do you the fans enjoy attending week in and week out.

The 2014 Readers Choice Event of the Year is....

The readers have spoken and they have chossen as the best event in 2014 in Central PA The Dirt Classic presented by Kasey Kahne. Congratulations to Lincoln Speedway for putting on the awesome event for not only the drivers and race teams but also the fans.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 Readers Choice Event of the Year.

Ok folks its time to see which event you think was the best event of 2014.

 Was it the 52nd National Open at Williams Grove Speedway?
How bout the 47th running of the Tuscarora 50 at Port Royal Speedway?
Selinsgrove Speedway presented the 32nd Annual Jim Nace Memorial.
Lincoln Speedway jumped on board this year with the $20,000 to win Dirt Classic.
Path Valley scored a home run with the Posse at the Path Speed week show .Jesse Hockett Classic
and not to be outdone...
Grandview hosted USAC wingless sprints in the Jesse Hockett Classic.

Now is the time to vote for which of the big events was your favorite. Vote for the event that you think was the best in terms of racing, but more importantly, which event is the cant miss, must be there Happening of 2014.

2014 Readers Choice 410 Driver of the Year is.....

Congratulations to Lance Dewease on being chosen the 2014 Central PA Racing Scene Readers Choice driver of the Year.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The 2014 Readers Choice 410 Driver of the Year

Here are your nominees for the 2014 Readers Choice 410 Driver of the Year!!!!

 Lucas Wolf - Speedweek Champion in 2014 to go along with his 2 victories. Was the winner of the Jack Gun Memorial at Williams Grove Speedway.
 Alan Krimes - Lincoln Speedway Track Champion where he picked up a pair of back to back victories in 2014.
Rick Laferty - 2014 Port Royal Speedway Track Champion and 1 time winner in 2014.
 Greg Hodnett - 2014 Speedway Motors/ Champion Racing Oil PA Sprint Car Series Champion. 2014 Eastern All Stars Champion. 10 time winner in 2014. Was the winner of the 2014 Tuscarora 50 at Port Royal Speedway as well as the first night of the Summer Nationals.
 Lance Dewease - 4 time winner in 2014 with his biggest win coming at the Summer Nationals WOO race at Williams Grove Speedway.
 Brent Marks - 6 time feature winner in 2014.
 Danny Dietrich - 9 time feature winner in 2014 including the All Star event at Lincoln Speedway.
Stevie Smith - 7 time winner this season with wins in the Spring WOO event at Lincoln Speedway , The inaugural Dirt Classic presented by Kasey Kahne and the Mitch Smith Memorial at Williams Grove.

There you go folks, the best of the 410 division in 2014. Make sure you cast your vote for who you think was the best 410 sprint car driver in Central PA in 2014.

Good luck to these 8 drivers and happy voting.

The 2014 Readers Choice 360 driver of the Year is....

Congratulations to Selinsgrove Speedway Track Champion Mark Smith on being voted the Central PA Racing Scene 2014 Readers Choice 360 Drive of the Year.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The 2014 Readers Choice 360 Driver of the Year...

Here are your nomines for the Readers Choice 360 Driver of the Year.

Arron Ott - Winner of the biggest 360 race of the season 14th Annual Mach 1 Chassis National Open wich banked the young man $10,000. And the Jack Gunn Memorial.

Davie Frenek - URC Champion and 2 time winner at Selinsgrove Speedway in 2014.

TJ Stutts - 3 time winner this season at Selinsgrove Speedway including the Joe Witcomb Memorial.

Mark Smith - The Track Champion at Selinsgrove Speedway for 2014. Mark would win 6 times at the fastest half mile on the east coast.

Jason Shultz - 1 time winner in 2014. Would finish the season sitting in 3rd in the point standings.

Ok folks here are the 5 drivers  who where the top drivers in the 360 division in 2014. Its now up to you to vote for who you think was the best of the best in the division this year. The poll is on the top right of the site. If you are voting from a mobil device you will have to go to the full site to vote.

Good luck to these 5 drivers and happy voting to you the fans.

The 2014 Readers Choice 358 Driver of the Year is....

Congratulations to Matt Campbell on being voted the 2014 Central PA Racing Scene Readers Choice Driver of the Year.